Rachel Renewable matchmaking record: ‘family’ Characters She out dated throughout the tv show

Rachel Renewable matchmaking record: ‘family’ Characters She out dated throughout the tv show

Close friends ended up being more than a series about friendship. It had been, in a variety of ways, about dating in nyc. And, no one dated very although Rachel Green. Despite the lady series-long relationship with Ross Geller, Rachel have about. From the workplace assistant to the lady ex-fiance, we go and visit Rachel Green’s matchmaking records, below.

Ross and Rachel were on / off all over the complete line. | NBC

Rachel Environment Friendly matchmaking history

Joey probably have remarked about babes and matchmaking a lot, but all of us never bet most of his girlfriends and hookups. Rachel, but out dated — and unveiled new men to her good friends — a good deal. Despite getting Ross’ lobster being off and on with him or her over the whole program, she dated the associate, next-door neighbor, and also a guy known as Russ that seemed the same as Ross. There are every one of the folks Rachel out dated on neighbors.

All of us stop products down with Ross, Rachel’s series-long romance curiosity and so-called “lobster” (as stated by Phoebe). Ross and Rachel happen to be distinct soulmates, but their union try sloppy and complex. Using infamous crack within the one-night sit that concluded in their daughter, Emma, both of them had loads during the period of 10 years.

In conjunction with Ross, Rachel got a couple of more important affairs in the tv show — considered one of that has been with mark, the woman assistant at Ralph Lauren. The guy can’t have any qualifying practice for the job, but Rachel employed him at any rate because he had been “so very.” At the time, Rachel can’t assume the attraction would be an issue, yet the two-ended right up going out with soon after his start date.

Mark is younger than Rachel, in addition to the pair in the end wish various things, so they parted approaches. Right after his or her break, Rachel realized she ended up being expecting a baby, and her friends assumed it absolutely was mark, a red sweater that looks like their is forgotten. The fact is, Phoebe was confident it has been your until he showed up sporting the purple jacket and Ross said one that was actually left.

Joey experienced countless girl good friends of the series, but their one substantial romance would be with Rachel. At the end associated with the show, Joey designed ideas for his friend — and best friend’s ex-girlfriend — and situations got shameful. There had been one experience in which Joey unintentionally recommended to Rachel (and she believed sure) and another just where these people made an effort to write out on a couch but seen also weird regarding it. The 2 inevitably concluded issues and remained close friends.


That could forget Barry? We all first discover Barry in event one after Rachel run off for their wedding ceremony. She would be marrying Barry for their economic safeguards, certainly not for adore, and just couldn’t take action. They turned-out, exiting Barry ended up being the greatest thing that actually gone wrong to the lady. To be honest, it directed the woman to their best friends. Barry and Rachel have two run-ins after she went from your, nonetheless in the end go their particular separate practices.

Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan outdated on Friends as well as in real life. | NBC


Joshua is actually certainly one of Rachel’s unique men. And, have this: Jennifer Aniston outdated your (Tate Donovan) in real life. However, these people were not collectively at the time of recording. Following the famous actors split, tv series merchandise need Donovan to tackle Rachel’s enjoy fascination regarding series (shameful)! Joshua and Rachel met while she functioned at Bloomingdales. She is a private consumer and quickly infatuated together with her good looking buyer. However, the time had beenn’t good for both of them. Joshua got Rachel’s primary sweetheart after Ross, and she wound up utilizing your as a power tool for down at Ross. She even made an effort to propose to your after Ross great brand new girlfriend, Emily have employed. Naturally, Rachel frightened Joshua down then.


Before dating Ross, Rachel outdated Paolo. During the time, Ross have attitude for Rachel but was too worried to share the. Therefore, this individual viewed their collect swept off their ft by your hunky Italian. Rachel and Paolo breakup after Paolo attempts to move on Phoebe.

As soon as Ross established matchmaking their college student, Rachel established online dating the woman pop, Paul. Things appeared to be went perfect for the pair until Rachel encourages your to start upwards about his own behavior. It turned-out, he previously too much to remove, and it had been extra for Rachel, extremely she bust things away with your.

Despite only a few appearances, Rachel’s university man the three day rule, Chip gets mentioned several times in the program. The most notable appearance got if Monica ran into your and consented to proceed a date with him or her. But items get west after Monica finds Rachel’s “cool guy” high school lover had been tangled in high-school.

Don’t forget as soon as Rachel presents every person to Russ, plus they freak-out because he looks similar to Ross? After Ross returned home from Asia with his new gf, Julie, Rachel won they upon by herself to meet up individuals identical to the lady break. In spite of this, after Ross broke points down with Julie, Rachel finished items with Russ. Both happened to be left broken-hearted and then discover oneself and dropped crazy. Russ and Julie for a long time!